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Stephen G.    9/14/12       Santa Rosa, CA

I saw the small tent sign a few times as I drove by Santa Rosa Blinds on Piner Road, and decided to stop in and check out his services and prices. The owner is named Arnold, and I got good vibes form the moment I walked in the store.

Arnold explained all his services what each would cost, and told me he would come out, take down my blinds and reinstall them for $60. That sold me right there, as I just don't have the time, the inclination, or a big enough car to haul the blinds back and forth.

Anyway, the blinds came back almost like new, shiny and smooth. Arnold repaired two of my blinds where the pull strings had worn thin. His price for the repairs was very reasonable.

Anyway, Arnold has a very easy-going and pleasant personality, his work is awesome, and I highly recommend Santa Rosa Blinds to anybody.

Mary M.    3/5/13         Larkspur, CA

We just had the greatest experience with this business. We had some windows replaced and our expensive pleated blinds were now too big to insert in the windows so we wanted to have them cut down and the holes redrilled. First we couldn't find anyone to do the job in Marin county. Then we drove to Santa Rosa on the advice of a Marin blind store to meet with a business who said he could do the job. When we got there, the recommended place gave us such a high price per blind that we could have bought new blinds instead and he wasn't positive that it would be successful. So we walked across the parking lot and saw Santa Rosa Blinds. Arnold said "no problem", gave us a reasonable rate and had the job completed in just a couple of days. They look perfect now. We would give them the best recommendation.

Beth W.       2/17/15       Rohnert park, CA

The Folks at Santa Rosa Blinds are great! I've had them come out twice, once before I moved because the cloth blinds has mildew and I was afraid the landlord would keep my deposit to replace them. SR blinds were able to clean off the mold so I couldn't even tell where it had been, and they also fixed the mechanisms so they worked better, without my asking them to. The plastic mini-blinds also came back sparkling. I just called them again because the metal blinds in my new place were filthy. This time they were able to do them in the same day, which was very helpful. It was definitely worth the service call fee to have them come and remove and replace them. I didn't have to worry about wrestling with the blinds and maybe breaking something trying to get them down. Overall great experience, they were quick and courteous and very effective. Highly recommend them!