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Have you put off cleaning your blinds for too long? Don't spend your valuable time cleaning them, that's what we are here for!

          Over 6 years of experience                                                                                      

          We use top of the line Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for top quality results

          For a healthier environment we use Ultrasonic waves and eco-friendly solutions

        Servicing all Sonoma County residents and businesses with their window coverings

          We also do repairs, yes repairs! If we can't fix it or clean it, no one can! 

          Don't forget to ask about our same-day* or pick-up service.

Santa Rosa Blinds is your one stop for all your Window Covering needs.  Call us today and see the difference!

Santa Rosa Blinds is dedicated to bringing you the best service possible when it comes to your window covering needs. We are a reliable company with over 6 years of experience. Always willing to help out a customer in need. We specialize in residential and commercial blind cleaning, with our top of the line Ultrasonic equipment which carefully cleans you blinds with ultrasonic wave technology and eco-friendly solutions.

If you are interested in other services, don't hesitate to ask. We will recommend reliable, affordable friendly top of the line companies wanting to help you at anytime. Whether you're having company over or just want to have your house clean before your significant other gets home, we are here to help you for a reasonable price. Are the kids in and out of the house and your carpet is not looking its best, we have the Carpet Cleaning Professional to help you with that too. And lets not talk about those dirty windows...we've got you covered. See our Other Recommended Services page.**                    

**Other recommended services have nothing to do with Santa Rosa Blinds and we are not held responsible for their work or conduct.